Steve is a devoted animal lover. All animals! They love him, he likes to play games, knows that they need to get out every two hours. He also knows that they like to play in the grass and cool off in their baby pools after their daily activity. Hey kitties and birds, he has a place for you too!! At Fresh Prints, every pet is treated as part of the family.


Robert Cantor



Brandon Geiger

Fresh Prints Pet Lodge & Day Resort Manager

Brandon is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a shy guy who loves all kinds of movies, even if they have had a few bad reviews. When he is not at Fresh Prints, you can find him bowling, playing pool, or checking out the latest movie. He has 3 dogs of his own - A St. Bernard, Black Lab, and Boxer- Pit Mix. Brandon's favorite sports teams are the Cincinnati Bengels and Jacksonville Jaguars.