Fresh Prints Pet Spa

With over 20 years of experience in grooming, certified pet groomers for competitive show, and over ten kennels - your pup is sure to come out of the spa squeaky clean and looking like a rockstar. 
Need boarding and a bath? A $10 fee for round-trip transportation to Fresh Prints Pet Lodge!
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We are committed to making your pets look and feel great – not to mention smell good!
Our full-time Pet Groomers offer full bathing and grooming services to include: nails, pads, & ears.

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spa packages

Pamper your furry family members with upgrade pet groom services. Including blueberry facials, medicated shampoo baths, flea baths, teeth brushing, coconut paw massages, and more! 

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pet accessories

There is no shortage of the very best pet accessories at Fresh Prints Pet Spa. Whether you are looking for all natural treats, a new bed, a gift, or the same treatments we use while grooming, you'll find it here.